My first TOK experience

When I was first confronted with the concept of TOK, I had a quite negative image of the subject. This impression was reinforced after we had a talk from Mr Saha about the pure greatness and how important it will be for our future life. It also didn’t help that the talk was at the end of a stressful day, which made it harder to follow.
As soon as I started attending the subject, my idea completely changed, it seemed like it could potentially be one of my favourite subject. The course is something differs from the usual subject it is like a counter balance to the unstoppable load of fact and theories that needed to be memorised. I think TOK is about knowledge itself rather than just memorising fact. It addresses the different kinds of knowledge as well as the principles behind it.
I would describe TOK as the subject that focuses on the ability to gain knowledge and engages you to think for yourself.

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